About me

In a world that is increasingly losing touch with reality, much of my thought and prayer is directed toward the virtue of Hope. More even than Faith and Charity, Hope is the pilar around which disparate groups can rally and find a foothold. Whenever I encounter a new sliver of craziness, I have to reorient myself to the truth that Jesus came into the world and changed it - but He left the façade for those who didn’t want to see the truth. Hope makes us want to see the truth, then Faith opens the door and Charity seals the deal. The starting point, though, must be Hope.

Frs. Travis, Melcher, Humphries & Partain I grew up in central Lousiana, studied at LSU in Baton Rouge and then at seminaries in Covington, Louisiana and New Orleans for about seven years. I was ordained in 2005. I’ve served a number of Churches in central and north Lousiana. I’ve been the Pastor of St. Edward the Confessor in Tallulah, Louisiana since 2016.

Academically, my philosophical interests are political philosophy, metaphysics and epistemology and my theological specialty was ecclesiology.

To relax, I’m a terrible musician who uterly butchers both the guitar and piano and yet both are so very relaxing to play. I dabble in computing, coding and other nerd-ventures and try to keep myself studing something new all the time. I try to read a few poems every morning and a few books every month.