Redesigns are more fun than a kitten that swallowed a squeaky ball for Fr. Chris Decker. Not so much for me. I haven’t made any meaningful changes to my blog in about two years and I wouldn’t have done without some coercion.

In about five weeks, I’ll be flying to Europe to spend three solid months on pilgrimage. I’ll be hiking the Camino de Santiago. I’ll be visiting some of the great Churches of Europe. And I’ll be taking quite a lot of time for prayer and for asking the questions that tend to get lost in the busyness of being a priest for Jesus Christ.

Don’t Fret

Of course, this isn’t a hint-hint, wink-wink euphemism for some kind of mid-life crisis - it’s a genuine opportunity to reflect upon my first decade or so of priesthood and to consciously, dare I say, deliberately posture myself for the coming years.

The shift in design should help to highlight the next six months of my life which will be some of the hardest work I’ve ever had to do. It’s one thing to upend one’s life and do something like this straight out of college. It’s entirely another to step away from a very happy life into ninety days of the unknown…

I hope those of you who choose to follow my blog and social graph during that time enjoy what you see and read and that you offer prayers for me along the way!

¡El Viaje!

Published 25 Jun 2018

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